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Only in exceptional circumstances are buildings the creation of a single person. Their construction normally involves many specialists working collaboratively. Sometimes a building will be commissioned by a client who will also have a design input.  Other times, as in the case of most of London, a building will be built speculatively, with the developer (who might be the builder as well) taking the risk as to whether a buyer can be found. The standards set by the client/developer, the skills and choices of the development team, and the robustness of the planning and building control system will all impact on the quality of the building, and its design. This in turn will directly affect building users, people passing by on the street and the overall quality of the street itself.

It will also, together with other buildings, impact on the operation and quality of the local area, and the city as a whole.

Approximately three million people in the UK work in the construction industry. These include construction professionals, such as engineers, surveyors and 

architects; building trade specialists such as painters, plasterers, bricklayers, stone masons, carpenters, electricians and plumbers; and those working in support services such as transportation, administration and compliance.

Colouring London's development 'Team' category collects data on the team involved in the construction of the original building, and on major extensions that have impacted on its overall design. This is the only text based category 

within the platform. Its purpose is to record who has built, and is currently

building London, to celebrate good quality construction and design, to encourage best practice in environmental design, and to aid the tracking and monitoring of post-construction building performance. 

We would be grateful for uploads from any firms currently working on London's buildings in London, from those involved in construction and property industry, and from those interested or involved in building history.



Colouring London is an open data platform and we can only accept data from unrestricted sources. Just use first-hand knowledge of the building wherever possible, or, check your source is open and free for third party use.

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