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Image courtesy Flora Roumpani


Once the data collection and visualisation platform is fully up and running, in 2019, we are planning two more features.

Colouring London Showcase 

The first will be our Colouring London showcase. This will enable individuals and organisations to upload case studies that use Colouring London's Volunteered Geographic Information, or that show international applications of similar data types.  Below is a mock-up of how this page might look. To upload a case study, you'll be able to click on either the ‘Colouring London data’ or ‘International application’ option. Enter a title, author details, short description, web page link to further information, and an image or film. Then tag it to allow it to be found by those interested in your field, and click upload.  

One example we will be showcasing from CASA will be the  use of age, land use and location data in the development of rule-based 3D 'procedural' building models for London.

Data Selection, Layering & Analysis Tool

The second new facility we are proposing is a tool to let you select, layer and view different types of data, and one that allows you to carry out some simple spatial analysis. For example you may be interested in finding out where all the pubs or hospitals or schools are in London, or in finding how many buildings exist in a particular area of a particular age, size, use or height. 

Or you might want to try and do something a little more complicated and to look at Colouring London building information in relation to examples of socio-economic data. For example you might want to try comparing house price, with age, location or type of building, or health with number of buildings have greened over front and back gardens. We'll show you how to this on the site and also direct you towards free software and easy-to-use tutorials that can help you want to develop your skills in spatial analysis and knowledge of Geographic Information systems further. 

Help us add data for analysis now

These two facilities depend on Colouring London having collected a sufficient amount of data for analysis. Help us over the next six months by encouraging colleagues, family and friends to Colour-in London! 

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