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Our 'Like me?' category simply asks whether you like the building. You might think it works well on the inside, or on the outside, contributes to the local community or adds to the quality, diversity and success of the city as a whole. You can 'Like' as many buildings as you wish but you only have one vote per building. The more 'Likes' there are, the deeper the colour will get. 

Colouring London is designed, in the first instance,  as a constructive, welcoming 

environment for knowledge exchange about the building stock.  It is included to encourage engagement and is not intended for use in scientific analysis. For these reasons we do not collect 'dislikes'. 

It is however designed to stimulate discussion.  To create a more sustainable, efficient, successful and healthy city we need to build better buildings, demolish less and reuse and upgrade more. Conversation between those using and those creating and managing buildings is vital. Buildings that work well for many members of the local community do so for a reason. 

During the 1960s and 1970s many of London's iconic and economically successful areas today, including Covent Garden, Whitehall and Bloomsbury were proposed for demolition. In many cases they were saved by local community groups, supported by building and conservation specialists and societies and the local and national press, able to see their future potential. 'Like me?' along with our 'Demolition' category is also designed to provide a tool for those wishing to collectively, and publicly, record buildings in London they consider contribute to the city.

The category is also designed support the  GLA's objective, within the London Planto deliver growth in local areas in London, 'in a way that strengthens what is valued in a place'. Aside from its more serious aims, it's also meant to provide an easy, lighthearted way to engage, and to help support sustainable development in London, and to help us engage with as wide an audience as possible.

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