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Colouring London is being built as an open data platform. Our platform code is freely available on this Github link. Data are being collected and distributed under an Open data Commons (ODC) Open database License (ODbl).

While the database is small, downloads will be available as files either by borough, or for the database as a whole. As more data are collected our aim is to offer an advanced selection facility.

Ordnance Survey MasterMap (OSMM), OS’s premium mapping product, provides the building footprints that enable our data to be collected. However, though in the 2017 Autumn budget the government announced that it was considering increasing access to OSMM. At present large-scale OS data is used under licence, free at the point of use for universities and all public sector bodies. 

This means that until further steps have been made by government towards full release we are unable to enable users to access building geometries. However working with OS we have ensured our attribute tables can be released as open data. These will contain the crowdsourced number, address and post code for each building entry (all required fields) and importantly the UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number) which will facilitate the connection to third party data sets, including OpenStreetMap. 

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