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What kinds of buildings make up London? What are their size and shape? How are they made and what of?  Who built them and which are the most energy efficient? Where can you find different types? And which do you like, and think contributes to the success and well-being of the city. 

We are collecting twelve types of data to help us answer these and many other questions about London. Click on any box to find out more.



We are gradually releasing subcategories for testing. If you'd like to help us by adding data, just go to Edit Maps, click on a building, choose any category of interest and fill in any information you can. Every entry and/or verification helps. Some categories are easier to fill than others. Like me? is our easiest. Here all you have to do is tell us if you think the building contributes to the city.

The 50 or so subcategories within our 12 main categories are shown below. We're trying to keep collection as efficient and simple as possible. Categories are not set in stone and the project is still at an early stage. Over time, where there is general consensus that a category or subcategory should be adjusted or added, relevant changes can be made. You can add your suggestions to our discussion threads here.


  • Building Name & Number

  • Streetname

  • Postcode

  • Mapping data:
    OSM centroid, UPRN, TOID 

Land Use

  • Choose land use from our dropdown menus

  • Does it have multiple uses?

  • If so how many self contained units are there?  


  • What type of building is it. Choose from the drop down menu. This will also indicate original use.


  • What year was it begun?

  • Front the same date as core?

  • Dates for constructions/ 
    demolitions on the site?

  • Building history web links

  • Ar risk?

Size & Shape

  • Height  & number of storeys

  • Frontage width

  • Total area

  • Shape of plan/footprint

  • Plot to footprint ratio

  • Detached or attached


  • Construction method

  • Materials

  • Percentage glazed

  • Bim reference


  • How much greenery is there on the plot, on the roof and or walls.

  • Are there trees or a park nearby & are they protected? 


  • Where known: Client, Developer, Designer
    or design source, Engineer & Surveyor, Builder/s, 


  • Energy performance rating

  • BREEAM rating

  • Last major retrofit

  • Lifespan estimate 

  • Repairability rating for system type


  • Is it a publicly owned asset?

  • Is it/has it ever been used for community/public services

  • Would you describe it as a 'community asset'?


  • Planning portal link

  • Is it protected? Listed building/conservation area?

  • Is it under threat?

Like me?

  • Do you like the building and think it contributes to the city?

  • Do you like it enough to want to save it for the future?


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